What is beauty?


Is it the wearing of signature clothes? Is it the great hairstyle that most women would die to try?

Is it a beautiful face in the mirror? Or is it the slender body that has spent the most time at the gym?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” they say.

And that is true indeed! What is beautiful in the eyes of one may not be beautiful to another.

But a person who sees everything, even the worst, in the eyes of beauty has quite some lessons to teach those who constantly look at others with eyes of criticisms.

Here’s the true beauty definition according to these three beautiful women:

1. Whitney Port

One of the famous TV personalities, Whitney Port, has shared her beauty secrets in one of the interviews done by a website dedicated to women and their stuff. According to her, beauty is about “…being fresh and natural.”

For her, beauty is not about putting on makeup or making hair look good with hairspray. To maintain her beautiful skin, she uses moisturizer. To make her hair look naturally glowing, she uses salt spray.

Still, despite using all these, she said that natural beauty cannot be matched by all these.

Despite her skin being exposed daily to different environments, she is able to maintain their beauty and color.

She also mentioned that she kept her skin looking healthy and bright by moisturizing it, toning it, and hydrating it.

Following her regimen can help other women avoid any skin care scam that is so famous out there in the Web. Women will find Whitney Port’s beauty secrets easy to follow because they do not require too expensive products or gadgets.

This fashion designer and TV personality is not just into beauty products but all the more on natural beauty, the caring of oneself, and choosing the right beauty products that fit one’s lifestyle, body, and budget.

2. Malin Jordan

One of Malin Jordan’s articles was entitled, “Problems Arise When Beauty Is Subjective,” and this title is true. When one looks at a woman subjectively, that is when the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” rings true.

Being subjective makes a person blind to facts. If one judges beauty subjectively, he or she has got to offer only her opinions but not the facts. Being objective makes a person more observant, more attentive to details and takes no sides.

Although telling a woman how beautiful she is can ring music in her heart, it is still an opinion unless said so with details. So how can one be objective without hurting the feelings of the woman?

And how can one be subjective without exaggerating it? The answer to these is it will depend on one’s own personality.

So what has this subjective/objective topic got to do with woman’s beauty secrets?

Basically, a woman is beautiful even before she learned to put on makeups and perfumes. This is one fact that many women of today forget to realize.

Looking everywhere, one can find that today’s women have now become subjective in their view of themselves as well as their view of others. They choose to look at themselves and others in their own interpretations rather than become objective and weigh things better and honestly.

A woman who looks at herself objectively will plainly see her beautiful and ugly sides. And then, she will learn to appreciate what she sees she has and will learn to accept those things that are not perfect in her.

This makes a woman stronger in personality, principles, and optimism.

3. Aislyn Palmin

Aislyn Palmin, the daughter of a successful modeling agency owner, has never thought of herself as beautiful. Every day, she gets to see people on the runway with all their beauty and glamor but she never saw herself as one of them.

Some words to ponder…

The beautiful clothes they wear and the nice hairstyle plus healthy, glowing skin that these models have made her ache to have the beauty they have, not realizing she is beautiful herself. People like her often fall for false hopes, often looking for ways to be beautiful the way they know “beauty.”

Now, what is beauty to you?

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