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5 Negative Emotions That Are Really Hurting Your Family

Everyone dreams of a happy and healthy life. Being happy and having a perfect life is a totally different thing.You might not have everything you ever dreamt of, but you can still find happiness in what you already have.Sometimes you may not realize what...

What Is Beauty To You? 3 Beautiful Women Weigh In

What is beauty? Is it the wearing of signature clothes? Is it the great hairstyle that most women would die to try?Is it a beautiful face in the mirror? Or is it the slender body that has spent the most time at the gym?“Beauty is in the eye of the...

7 Steps to Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness is oftentimes associated with the difficult things that life brings. It is sometimes the start of depression. Why sometimes and not all the time? Because, in my opinion, loneliness can also be a healthy agent of life and here are some reasons...

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