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Ayurvedic is more than 30,000-year-old medicine practice in India which means “ the whole body.” According to Ayurvedic belief, the wellness and health lie not only in the physical elements of the body but spirit and mind too. That is why Ayurvedic is base on improving the quality of sound health rather than curing diseases. Ayurvedic have cures for particular health issues and general health quality.

How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurvedic is base on the mind, spiritual and physical elements of a person. Therefore, when all these features are in harmony the person has the right health, and when anything disturbs and disputes this balance, a person will get sick and have health issues. All the things in the universe dead or alive have a connection with each other with energy. Some of the elements which can affect the balance of your health are injuries, climate, age, emotions, congenital disabilities, and genetics.

Five elements of the human body in Ayurvedic and Doshas:

Ayurvedic believes that human body is made of air, fire, water, space, and earth, these five elements found in-universe. Also, the human body has three forms of energy forces which are also known as Dosha; these Doshas can control the functioning of your body. These Doshas are Kapha dosha (water and earth), Pitta dosha (fire and water) and Vata dosha (space and air).

How do Doshas help in healing?

Every human inherits a unique and different combination of these three doshas; one can be stronger than the other. That is why their influences can affect the functioning of the human body as well as sickness and health issues. The Ayurvedic links the health and illness to the balance of these doshas and therefore healing also depends on it.

Healing properties of Ayurveda:

Since everybody is different, Ayurvedic believes that there are various treatments for different bodies depending on their life force, dosha, physical and emotional factors. An Ayurvedic practitioner will analyze the person according to these elements and create treatments which are design, especially for the patient.

Panchakarma, the cleansing process:

The idea behind treating and healing of Ayurvedic is to cleanse the body from all the impurities and undigested food and remove illness too. It will help in decrease the symptoms and disease from the body, this process of cleansing is called “panchakarma.” The Ayurvedic treatment depends on the medical oils, herbs, laxatives, enemas, blood purification system, massages to cure disease and restore the balance and harmony in the body.

Healing properties of Ayurvedic medicine:

The Ayurvedic herbs are used over 5000 years to natural cure health issues and have healing properties which help people to live healthily and balance life. Ayurvedic medications play an essential role for centuries in improving the health issues without any prescribed drugs, complicated and lengthy surgeries and lengthy medical procedure.

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