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We have to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies, putting on our bodies, the chemicals in our food and products…we are killing our rainforests, plastic, and junk in our ocean, endangered species, melting ice, polar bears we need them, cutting down our trees we need them, school system is turned upside down, homeless children and families, at-risk kids, violence, unemployment rate, we need to create more jobs, building back up the economy, stimulate the economy, money circulation, healthcare, preventive healthcare – mental and physical are very important, holistic living.

Recycle please or don’t use plastic!!!! Save the crops, food system and ecosystem. BE eco-friendly Grow your own food or go to farmers market!

On Nov 2010 my boyfriend and I rescued the best pitbull (1yr old) named Brody from the Downey Shelter, high kill rate, over saturated..he makes people a believer, everybody thinks he is from a breeder.. he loves the dog park and beach, riding in the car, playing with kids and cats. He says hi to everyone..he’s very smart and knows commands..he is a peacemaker, not a fighter..hes just happy..what a joy he’s brought into our life He’s now almost 2yrs old I grew up with dogs and many pets all my life and I have never had such an easy dog, he thinks he is human…
100,000 pets euthanized in Los Angeles metro area shelters in 2010. We have to change this tragic reality. Pitbulls are being killed at a high rate they last about a few days to 7 days because of the stigma they are killer dogs. So far from the truth, how they are raised, neutered brings down the aggression. They can be the sweetest dog and very loyal. Pitbulls are misunderstood and judged and discriminated against. The shelters have the most beautiful loving dogs and you would never know

Stand up for Pits Hollywood Improv Sunday, Oct 2nd 7:30-9pm 8161 Melrose Ave Please buy tickets and support

Please volunteer at a shelter or animal rescue group for all the animal lovers out there

Just be AWARE and stand up and make a change! Im not writing on a negative point of view I want everybody to be conscious of whats going on and stay Optimistic and create change We have to stay in the positive and create harmony and balance for our planet, animals and communities The Universe and mother nature feeds on our energy, for things to get better we need to work on our selves and nourish our bodies, its the vehicle that will take us on this journey called life, be individual thinkers, empower ourselves and others, inspire and expression of self, innovators.. Nourish the planet and our animals childrens and forests, moutains, glaciers, and oceans We need to lead by the light not by the darkness Switch negative to Positive

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