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Acupuncture is known as one of the ancient healing techniques which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is as old as 3000 years. It is used in pain relieving and curing many medical issues of the body using ancient techniques and analyzing energy flow in the body.

The working of acupuncture and its methods:

Acupuncture is well known over the centuries for its natural self-healing properties and enhancing the function of the human body. It is done by stimulating the acupuncture points with the help of anatomic sites. These are also called acupoints. In the process of Acupuncture, the sterile needles are inserted into the skin, and with the support of heat, Pressure and electrical stimulation, the effects of Acupuncture can be enhanced as well. The other techniques used in Acupuncture are moxibustion (heat therapy), manual massage, medicines which are made from tropical herbs, cupping, and liniments.

Philosophy and modern researchers on Acupuncture:

All these methods focus on the energy flow in the body which is very important for health known as Qi. The Chinese belief is when there is any disruption happens in the flow of energy the human suffers from the disease. The traditional Chinese medicine is base on the philosophy of forces and power, according to them, there are two opposing forces of Universe and body called Yin and Yang. The health of the human body depends on the balance of this force; the energy “Qi” travels in a particular pathway throughout the body, which is known as a meridian. This flow of energy keeps the balance between Yin and Yang, but in case the flow of energy gets a block and any disruption takes place will lead to the illness, sickness, and pain.  The Acupuncture helps in releasing the blockage in Qi energy in the body. It will also assist in repairing the natural healing process and response of the boy and reduce illness and medical issues.

It is discovered in the modern medical researchers that the Acupuncture positively affects the nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system as well as endocrine and digestive system of the body. Through the variety of Acupuncture process, the person can improve health, well being, digestive functions, sleep issues as well as overcome from pain in various body parts.

The process of Acupuncture treatment:

For the proper and efficient Acupuncture treatment, you will require a professional and experienced Acupuncturist who will guide you through your process. First of all the Acupuncturist will ask you about your health history and current health issues including the area of pain and illness. Secondly, he or she will physically examine yours depending on your health issues such as feeling your pulse and checking size, color, and coating of your tongue. Now your Acupuncturist will guide you about the suitable treatment, some sitting as well as the tools and methods used for your treatment. After the discussion, your acupuncture treatment will start in which you have to lie down comfortably on a treatment table, and the sterilized needles are places precisely on your acupuncture points in different parts of the body. The patient usually reports a minor discomfort while needles are placed on the skin for 5 to 30 minutes of interval. But they typically report better health and relax feeling during and after treatment.

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