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I believe in Transparency! This is my Journey to Life Coaching!

My Story

Hi! I’m Alison Ashley, Certified Core Energy Emotional Health and Wellness Coach. But don’t be fooled, I didn’t always have this figured out!
In fact, I was an electrologist, finding my purpose as a coach was the best gift I received.
My Journey of life and health coach started when I discovered the self-help books and alternative medicine healing modalities and started reading all my favorite books such as Seat Of the Soul and learning about Greg Tiffen and Caroline Myss. I enrolled in an Alternative Medicine School and started to understand how mind and body and emotions are all connected. For years, healers have pondered the connection between mental and physical health. In recent years, science has begun to recognize the powerful connections through which emotional, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health outcomes. I started fixing my nutrition and healing my soul.
At that moment, I decided to focus on myself and go deep into my soul. I have been through pain, loss, and break up, I am a single mom of a wonderful child, I could see myself strong! I realized that I needed to create a Coaching business to share my passion and knowledge on helping others.
That’s when I discovered coaching…
Through coaching I was able to reconnect with myself, my values, wants and desires. I started to visualize what success meant for me, planning for the future and taking action towards creating a better me and the life I really wanted for my child.
I faced many battles with fear of failure and confidence along the way. But as Carroll Bryant said– “some people make things happen, some people let things happen and others wonder what the hell just happened!”.
So I decided to make my dream life happen and that’s why I know you can too!
For me and my clients, it is about the bigger picture. Every one of us is unique! My vision is that through Vertical Life Coaching my clients will discover the strength they have in them! We are wonderful creatures and the power is within us!
We really can live the life of our dreams! Le’s meet and start working!
Thank you for reading.


“I went to see Alison referred by a friend hope to find clarity about my career path and family life. I was all over the place and in one session at the end of the call I had a strong sense of knowing what I needed to do and what direction I needed to go in. Things got uncovered and my intuition opened and i found clarity in my decision making regarding career path and family. Her empowering questions and listening skills opened up the my own answers i was seeking. I look forward to another session to get deeper on unlocking my intuition. Go see Alison”

Maria Thomas

“My husband and I was having trouble with my two teenagers. I needed help bringing a cohesive unit together where there was understanding and peace and in the relationships with one another while still parenting the kids. I was referred by another mom who got family coaching from Alison We uncovered a lot of stuff while working with Alison. We were meeting weekly and now it’s once a month. So happy things have changed for the better implementing all these great tools and family communication is very open and productive. Thank you!!!”

Family Of 4

“I was an emotional mess. So glad I found Alison. Working with Alison I realized I was an emotional eater and looked at my body image in a negative way. I uncovered all of these underlying issues that led to my emotional eating and they way I looked at myself that I created on along the way. Alison put together a program and worked with me so i could be free of these underlying issues. I now can eat food happily and I have more confidence about my body and I know how to cope with my emotions in a positive way and have the tools to navigate through life. Thanks Alison for having it be a safe non judgmental environment. I highly recommend Alison.”

Jenny Jacobs

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