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New Year, new you, right? If you’re starting to feel demotivated about your goals to looking and feeling your best, a little positive inspiration will set you right. Looking and feeling good can happen through many ways, but we love these for a positive spin on life that will have you feeling good. And when you feel good, you will look good too, so try them out now!

1. Strengthen your Core

Most of us are trying to shape up for the New Year, but one area to really focus on is your Core. It is the center of your body where all movement derives from and keeping it strong and healthy keeps your balance and posture on point. Plus, you’ll suffer from less backaches too so you’ll feel even better.

2. Let your eyes shine

One quick trick to looking better instantly is to use white eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyelids. It really makes them sparkle and shine!

3. Take care of your teeth

When you have a healthy smile, you have more confidence. Plus, you’ll be free of gum disease and other oral problems that arise when you neglect your oral hygiene. Get to the dentist and in between visits, eat more apples which stimulate your saliva production and hence lower the presence of harmful bacteria.

4. Use aromatherapy to help change your mood

Scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. Use the right essential oils to set your mood right. Lavender is ideal for relaxing and de-stressing so give it a try!

5. Take more walks

Walking out in nature doesn’t just give us exercise. It also boosts our mood. Try it the next time you feel crabby. Even just a 10-minute walk will improve how you feel plus it helps keep your heart healthy and your blood pressure low. GO INTO NATURE HUG A TREE SMELL THE FLOWERS FEEL THE DIRT ON YOUR FEET  TAKE A HIKE FAST OR SLOW.

6. Stop starving yourself

Diets that make you feel deprived are a recipe for disaster, and they make you feel bad. Food really impacts the way we feel and if you say, “no more cookies ever,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, retrain yourself to eat right almost all of the time and enjoy that one extra-special cookie occasionally when you’re craving it. Take the time to savor it so that you really enjoy just one!  Enjoy eating different foods and tastes rocking out in your mouth.  Get with a love affair with food look into healthy choices and experiment with different foods and meal options.  See what foods react good with your body.  Take out the emotional and negative thoughts about food.  Just enjoy in the moment.  Not eating makes you gain weight.

7. Buy fresh flowers

They smell great and they look beautiful too. Plus, they will keep you in a better mood. Additionally, make sure you have a few air-purifying plants around your home. It really makes a difference! Some plants clean up toxins AND purify the air.  Google with plants are air purifying. You can find plants that don’t need too much water and sunlight.

8. Drink Water.  Keep hydrated

Water flushes away toxins, plus if you don’t drink enough of it, you’ll become dehydrated with makes you tired and depressed. Your cells need water and hydration.. Drink a balanced not too much and not too little.   Some body types get extra water weight from drinking too much water…  Listen to your body it will tell you how much to drink and what it wants to eat…

9. Say something nice

Try out a random act of kindness on a stranger. Compliment another woman on something like her bag or her hair. It’s a win-win because you make her feel good, and you’ll feel good for making someone else feel good.  Smile and say hi to a stranger.

The key to looking and feeling your best is to combine a mixture of these internal and external tips. When we nurture our whole bodies from physical to emotional to spiritual, it keeps us healthier overall.  Releasing emotions and self care are essential to feeling and looking good..  Take pride in how you look and self acceptance and self love is key.  Rock your personal style and wear clothes that fits your body type.   your signature style includes hairstyles, clothes, makeup or no makeup heels or no heels mix it up and have fun!! Love how you look!

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