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5 Negative Emotions That Are Really Hurting Your Family

Everyone dreams of a happy and healthy life. Being happy and having a perfect life is a totally different thing.

You might not have everything you ever dreamt of, but you can still find happiness in what you already have.

Sometimes you may not realize what you have is actually what you always wanted.

The reason behind what you don’t see is the dark, heavy fog of doubt, low self-esteem, and negative feelings.

Don’t just dispel the idea of negative feelings, it’s very real and has a great impact over your life.

Negativity feeds off your fear, doubt, anger, low self-esteem, and sadness.

The first reaction of many of us is to just ignore this feeling, we try to push it down and distract ourselves from it.

But you can’t just ignore this strong feeling.

Trying to push negative emotions actually causes more harm than good. By ignoring this emotion you are actually intensifying this pain and you will start to experience the pain more often than before.

Your negative emotionality is hurting you as well as your family.

Our emotions affect our actions and how we interact with others. They are worse enough but our actions make everything around us difficult.

This results in more negative thoughts, doubt, resentments, and conflicts. This creates a hostile situation and if you, your partner and the children try to push away these problems it would only spring back to them.

Best way to avoid this springy situation is to understand the problem and get rid of it or build awareness of it.

In this article you will learn 5 negative emotions that are hurting you and your family:

1. Feeling Guilty About Not Be Able to Do Everything

You are a human, you can only do so much.

Feeling guilty about not be able to do everything or keep everyone happy or doing something you love is a negative emotion that can make you irritated, distracted, you can even have an emotional breakdown.

This is something that almost all new Moms feel.

New mothers feel guilty about not be able to provide the best care for her children, husband or any other feel and still have a career. They feel sad about leaving their work or the things that they love doing.

Motherhood is not at all a piece of cake. But it doesn’t have to be full of guilt and stress.

You have to understand your situation and think about your and your child’s wellbeing.

Because one cannot pour from an empty glass. If you are not mentally strong and sound, how can you care for your child and family?

You have to let go of some things or you need to get help.

Don’t be shy to ask for help.

2. Judging Yourself or Others By Basis of Feelings

You may be drowned your negative feelings.

Constant experience of the pain, not able to do something about your situation may become your reality.

Experiencing negative feelings is right but it’s not wrong either. These are genuine emotions that you are feeling.

Any event might trigger your emotions and the problem could lie in your family, you never know.

Regardless of what you are feeling or someone close to you is feeling, it is not their fault or yours. It’s not who you are.

Teach yourself to be aware of this situation and the people around you.

3. Reacting to Everything Without Understanding The Reason

Sometimes things will go out of your control. Most of the time there will be things out of your reach.

Reacting to an event or situation without thinking about the reason or context would be wrong.

Your situation may need you to react quickly.

But stop for a second and take 3 deep breaths. Then react.

I can promise you, even if you react to something that is probably nothing, you will handle it with ease.

Reacting without understanding causes stress that remain intact long after the situation settles down.

Because even after that, you are thinking what could you have done better.

There is no need for that.

Don’t think about having the perfect solution, there is none.

There is only you and your situation.

4. Locking Up All the Bad Emotions

If you try to ignore your inner scream and you tell yourself, it will pass with time or you are somehow entitled to feel this way.

Then you are literally feeding the negative emotions.

Ultimately your happiness depends a lot more on how you handle things than letting them go.

Not letting go of negative emotions, fighting against them, holding onto the associated pain, anxiety and anger will evidently swallow you up.

Psychologist Carl Jung once said that “what you resist not only persists but will grow in size.”

That’s why you have to say- “Yes”

“Yes, I have pain. It’s hurting me. I have to tell someone…”

5. Critiquing Everything, Everyone Including Yourself

There is finding faults and then there is constructive criticism.

Finding faults creates a toxic environment and develop toxin relationships. Where constructive criticism helps one to improve.

We often think some people just love critiquing others, it’s their nature.

It’s not true.

People’s behavior is dependent on many factors and his/her life experience.

Constantly critiquing oneself and others are a sign of low self-esteem, doubtfulness, and even depression.

  • You blame yourself for every negative situation.
  • You avoid risk.
  • You have body image issues.
  • You don’t ask for help because you think people may think you are weak.
  • These are some examples of self-criticism.

Constant self-criticism and making everything perfect, create a toxic environment around you.

In which. you and your family will suffer a lot. It’s not a good place to live.

How to deal with negative emotions?

This is the list of negative emotions that are hurting your family life.

If you will just be aware of your situation, it will make a world of change.

Acknowledge your feeling, listen to your mind and body.

Create a healthy environment for your family where you can openly talk about anything.

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