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PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is a disorder of the hormones that occurs among women of child-bearing age. While the causes of it is largely unknown, getting diagnosed and treated early can reduce the chances for long-term complications like infertility.

If something doesn’t seem quite right with your monthly cycle, you should talk to your gynecologist about it so he or she can see if your symptoms are those of PCOS. Because symptoms of PCOS can be symptoms of other conditions too, it’s important that if you exhibit any of these that you make an appointment immediately to either rule it out or get the treatment you need for a better quality of life.

1. Irregular or missed periods

If you have PCOS, it will prevent you from ovulating. That results in having irregular or missed periods. If your periods were coming on a consistent basis and suddenly stop or become so unpredictable you never know when it’s coming, if you don’t test positive for pregnancy, you should check into the possibility of having PCOS.

2. Weight gain

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve just been eating excessive amounts of cookies and pizza. The telling sign that something is wrong with the weight you’re gaining is if you are eating right and exercising and still gaining weight.

3. Fatigue

Because it’s a common symptom with many ailments, don’t panic if you simply feel fatigued. You could be iron or magnesium deficient so eating more healthfully could be all you need to do. Other times, you’re burning the candle at both ends or you’re a mom with kids that never gets enough rest. But if you experience fatigue even when you eat right and get enough sleep and you see yourself with the other symptoms of PCOS on this list, you should tell your doctor right away.

4. Unwanted hair growth

We do so much to remove unwanted hair from our face and bodies, so when it starts growing excessively in places we don’t want it (basically anywhere but the top of our heads), it’s an alarming symptom. Thanks to hormonal changes in your androgens from PCOS, you can start growing hair in places you definitely don’t want it like your Face, neck, back, chest and abdomen!

5. Thinning hair

Conversely, you may experience hair loss from PCOS. This is particularly common in the middle age years.

6. Acne

If you look like your teen years are coming back again thanks to the blemishes on your face or you develop other skin changes like skin tags or dark patches of skin, PCOS could be to blame.

7. Moodiness

Do you suddenly go from one extreme to the next in your moods? Or perhaps you feel depressed or anxious. Because PCOS affects your hormones, it could be causing this change as well.

8. Pelvic pain

If you’ve suddenly developed pain in your pelvis during your periods and your flow has become heavier than it was in that past, you should pay attention. And if you experience pain in your pelvis when your period isn’t there, that’s an even bigger sign that something is wrong.

9. Headaches

Hormonals changes often lead to headaches. Just ask any woman who has ever gotten them during her time of month. Headaches on their own might not be anything to worry about, especially if you eat a lot of sugar or don’t drink enough water. Try changing those things and see if it makes a difference.

10. Trouble sleeping

There’s much that can affect your sleep, but PCOS is particularly disconcerting because it has been linked to sleep apnea where you stop breathing for short bits during your sleep.

Please take care of yourself. If you feel like something is off, get it checked out today and take a blood test or glucose test by a naturopathic or Endocrinologist or Obgyn doctor  or go see an acupuncturist to help balance your hormones so you can get balanced and reverse symptoms and live a healthy life.

You can get rid of unwanted hair by Electrolysis and eat non gmo and hormone free foods and exercise to help reverse symptoms.   Stay tuned for more on PCOS and how to reverse symptoms and live a healthy life.  You don’t have to suffer.

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